Sunday, July 29, 2012

Monthly Behavior Log

Sigh....One more precious week till I HAVE to be back in the little red school house.  Of course I will be spending some time there during this week but somehow it is different when I go on my own accord then when I am required to be there.  I hope to have everything set up by the end of the week and I will take some pics to share when I am all done.  
In these last few weeks of freedom I have been thinking about changing my monthly behavior calendar.  I wanted to share my rough draft and take any suggestions so that it will be as useful for me and you before I make the rest of them!  

My intention is to write the weeks in that first column before making copies for the kids.  Then each day mark the color they ended and any behavior codes if needed.

What do we think?  How could I make it better??

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Friend of the Week

I had a great question the other day about how I organize my classroom jobs.  My answer: I don't!! :)
I really have a hard time keeping up with all that goes into classroom jobs.  I start off really good but then it just goes down hill and it always falls by the wayside.  Sigh.... so this is how I remedied the situation!  FRIEND OF THE WEEK!!  It's very simple and it works for me.  I actually borrowed it from a dear dear mentor teacher/friend.   I have 1 person - ONE - person each week who is my everything during that week.  My line leader, my calendar helper, my note deliver, my office assistant, my paper holder and my notebook passer outer!  Simple and uncomplicated!!  Basically anything that I need, my friend of the week is there to help me.  I give my kids numbers at the beginning of the year and I just go in numerical order and repeat! :) See - simple!  :)

How do you organize your classroom jobs??