Thursday, March 31, 2011


Today we made the cutest triceratops from Deanna Jumps Dinosaur unit!  Tomorrow we are going to do some writing about what we have learned about triceratops!  Of course we need some cute paper to match our cute triceratops!!  :)  I will post pics of the finished product!!  Click the picture below! :)

1 more day till SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!! :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Whole Brain Teaching - Classroom Management

About 2 years ago I found something that has helped my classroom management out immensely!!  It is called Whole Brain Teaching!!  I have taken and adapted a lot of their techniques to fit my needs.   If you have never heard of this, I urge you to go check it out!  You can search them on YouTube and see some of it in action too!!!
This is the way we start our day EVERY morning!  :)  This is just one of their techniques that I LOVE!!!  I have posters for each rule that I will try and remember to take a picture of tomorrow - I will see if I can find the docs on my computer and post those too!!

Dinosaurs in Action

Here are some of my kiddo's during small groups today, sorting dinosaur footprints onto the correct initial blend!   Love to see the smiles!





Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dinosaur Blending Time!

Here is the newest addition to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store!  We are learning about beginning blends in our Scott Foresman Unit 4.  The kiddos will love this!  It goes perfect with the Dinosaur Unit we started last week.  Have fun!!
Click on the picture below to go to my store.  :)

Friday, March 25, 2011


We began our dino unit this week with the help of Deanna Jump!! We started out by making our schema chart. :)

Then we talked about herbivores and carnivores and wrote and drew about each.

Next week will be even better with our Dinosaur Glyph and adorable art project. They will also be doing some Dinosaur Math Journals and a Dino blending game...(which I will be creating thus weekend :) )

On a different note - here is one of my babies having fun at recess on this beautiful day!! :)

Have a good weekend!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rhyme Time

Here is a new Rhyming Game I added to my store at Teachers Pay Teachers!  I told you I had to do more with this adorable clipart!! :)

Click below to go to my store.

Birds of a Feather...


Photobucket was not my friend for a few hours but apparently it has since decided to work - even though I upgraded and did everything I was suppose to.  :)  All is well now!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Fun!

I just didn't have the energy last night to post about all of our fun we had yesterday but it is Friday night.... I have my beverage of choice.... Coffee people!! :) and I can actually think about what actually did happen on Thursday!!

Here are the kids as they came into the room and found the foot prints. :)

We decided to write the leprechaun a letter to tell him how we felt about his actions throughout the week!

This is what we found when we came back from our bathroom break. :)

So of course we had to take him up on his offer!! :)

That sneaky leprechaun did end up coming back to our room to try and leave the school how he came in! Of course it was while we were away at specials and I walked in just as he was trying to sneak out the window!! We tussled just long enough for me to be covered in glitter!!

In all the fun I forgot to snap a picture of the mess he made. He did leave us all the green stuff he took during the week and some gold coins. :).
To end the day we completed an activity to add to our adorable Leprechaun Glyphs we made. Thanks Deanna Jump!! :) i recreated the share your gold activity to make it work for us. :)

The kids each rolled to see how many coins they would have to share. They then collected that many coins and got busy making them into coins and sharing them. Once they were finished my wonderful para added sone glitter! Everything is better with glitter!! :)

Phew... This is one of my favorite days with my Kinder's but also one that wears me out!! It is sooo worth being tired to hear and see their excitement for days after. :)

Here is the Share your Coins activity.  :)


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

That Sneaky Leprechaun!

That sneaky leprechaun has been taking things from our classroom all week. At first it was our green stool and green scissors. Then it was our green Morning Work Journals and tomorrow there will not be a green crayon to be found!! He was very bold tonight and left footprints and glitter on his path...

We have not seen the last of that sneaky leprechaun!! Just wait till we leave for specials... :)

This is one of my favorite times of year!!

Happy St. Patricks Day!!

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Testing New APP

Testing my new APP - not sure how I feel about it yet - curious to see the format when it is published. :). Testing out adding a photo. :)

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Assessment Notebook

One of the many items on my never ending to do list is to give my assessment notebook a make-over.  I actually have 2 right now - one for class records and one for individual records - only because my really cute one I bought at the beginning of the year is not big enough for everything.  :(  So - today while I was making one of my many trips to Target :) I found a NEW notebook that I just couldn't pass up!!  And it is BIG!  2 inches!!  It doesn't take a lot to excite me! :)  I could't polka dot it anymore so I just added my name - I couldn't decide what else I wanted to put on it so my name is gonna have to do for now.  :)

IMG 6751

Look at how big it is inside!  And it has a little clippy thing for a notepad or papers!!  :)

IMG 6752

I can't wait to fill it up tomorrow!

Now I just need to rework my Daily 5 conference record.  Anyone have one they just love that they want to share??  :)  Have a good week everyone!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dr. Seuss...finally

Where does the time go????  I can't believe it is already almost Wed and I still haven't posted any more pics of our Dr. Seuss Read Across America celebration.  AHHHH!  How many more days till Friday????  :)

IMG 0668

We had a door decorating contest!  This is our favorite book!! :)

IMG 0662 1We had a book parade!

IMG 0663Here we are in our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom letters!!

IMG 0665More Parade fun!!

IMG 0702Here is a picture of our Cat in the Hat art and writing activity.  What would the Cat in the Hat do to your house??



Thursday, March 3, 2011

We have been having a great time celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday but I have been a very bad blogger and did not take any pictures of all the fun.  We do a rotation so I didn't really even see my kiddo's that much these past couple days!!  In my room, we used the book The Cat in the Hat and made the cutest cats!!  I didn't have enough time to extend the activity for everyone, but today after my kiddo's finished their cat, I had them do a response to literature about what the cat might do to their house.  I attached the cat to their writing and they turned out really really cute... I promise!  I will take some pics tomorrow.
After all the craziness, I, I mean WE just needed some peace!!  Don't we all???  :)  So what did we do????
Daily Five!!!  
Believe it or not, this is the most peaceful time of our day everyday!!
Since we didn't get any of our rounds in the past couple days, I decided we would go ahead and do one...only there were no groups going on...just children working!!  Typically I don't have this many kids out doing independent work, but...sometimes you just need some PEACE!! :)  I took advantage of this time and took some videos of their activities.  They all made a choice about what they wanted to do and you will see a variety of things going on.  My favorite is seeing them choose Read to Someone...and they actually do it!! :)  Welcome to our classroom.