Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Assessment Notebook

One of the many items on my never ending to do list is to give my assessment notebook a make-over.  I actually have 2 right now - one for class records and one for individual records - only because my really cute one I bought at the beginning of the year is not big enough for everything.  :(  So - today while I was making one of my many trips to Target :) I found a NEW notebook that I just couldn't pass up!!  And it is BIG!  2 inches!!  It doesn't take a lot to excite me! :)  I could't polka dot it anymore so I just added my name - I couldn't decide what else I wanted to put on it so my name is gonna have to do for now.  :)

IMG 6751

Look at how big it is inside!  And it has a little clippy thing for a notepad or papers!!  :)

IMG 6752

I can't wait to fill it up tomorrow!

Now I just need to rework my Daily 5 conference record.  Anyone have one they just love that they want to share??  :)  Have a good week everyone!!


  1. I have two assessment notebooks too! I keep the assessments in page protectors by trimester so I can make some order out of all the chaos I create. I make charts with student names and color code them by assessment. When it is time to do report cards the information is all charted and ready! The process takes a lot of effort so I hope others have better ideas!?

  2. What a nice notebook. Good find.

    Ms. M


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