Thursday, December 30, 2010

Attack of the Target Dollar Section - Valentines

I should know better then to even go near that part of the store but my buggy just seems to drive itself to that side of the store!!! :) Look at all the goodies I found!!  I love when I find all the good stuff before it is all picked through.  As I went through the bins I quickly tried to think of all the things I could do with each treasure I found...I came up with some but I would love to hear any fantabulous ideas anyone else might have!

2 came in a pack - thinking some sort of partner game??  

Definitely some patterning going to go on here... :) or counting too! :)

I was thinking something with math - I bought enough so I could have 20 - 

I think I may laminate these and either write letters or number/number words on the hearts so the kids could match beginning sound / number - or maybe laminate and cut them apart to make a matching game?

O.K   - this wasn't in the dollar section but I couldn't pass it up - they were only $5!

Maybe storage for an activity?

Who could pass these up??  I had to control myself and only get 4...I sooo wanted to buy all 10!  :)

I think I may get creative and create some games/activities to use with my new toys!


  1. So cute! I am obsessed with the dollar section at Target. Plus, I have 5 different Targets within a 5 mile radius, and they all have different things in their dollar's dangerous!

  2. I have 2 ....but 5 would be DANGEROUS!!! I have to make myself walk past that section sometimes!!! I am on the hunt for some 100 day crowns that my para found. They were really cute but she got the last one at her Target and I haven't found it at either of mine!!!

  3. Target has the same things this year! haha! I picked up the cute heart erasers and the mini heart containers! still love Target! ;)


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