Wednesday, August 3, 2011

D.O.T Book

About 4 years ago I kept reading about this tool called a "Mouse Book" used by students to organize and transport the important things they need to bring back and forth to school everyday.  It was one of those things just like the with the Daily 5 that I thought - "I don't need anything like this...what I do it just fine!!" Well, I kept reading about teachers who raved about this tool so I finally gave in and tried it out....and I have never looked back!  I  LOVE the concept of this type of binder and it has helped me and my students stay organized!!  You can call this book whatever you want to match your classroom or school theme - I have had a B.E.E Book, a C.L.O.W.N Book and last year and again this year...
the D.O.T Book - Daily Organizational Tool
Here is a picture of our D.O.T Book from last year(Sorry for the upside down picture... my computer is not cooperating!!) 
Here is what the covers will look like this year.  Click the picture to download.  
If you would like an editable version, you can find it HERE - It is not pretty so you will have to change the fonts and what not.

Here is a shot of what it looks like
 when you open it up.  
You can see the important papers spot on the inside cover.  This is where we stick anything that comes from the office or anything that I need the parents to see.  On the opposite side I have the money pouch.  This is my FAVORITE part of the book.  No more lost lunch or ice cream money.  No more floating picture envelopes in the backpacks!  You can kind of also see the index card we keep in the money pouch.  We ask that anytime the parents send money that they write the date and what the money is for.  This little card has been a LIFE SAVER for us!!!  Behind the money pouch we start the different sections of the book.  
The first time I send home the DOT Book, I put the following 2 document inside.  These documents helps to explain exactly what it is and what the different parts of the book are for. 
Click the picture for your download.
I hope all of this is helpful to you when you are putting your Book together.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  :)


  1. Who, at school, looks in the binders everyday? Do you have parents that help with it or do you somehow have time to do it yourself? Do you have children remove money, etc or it is all done by adults? I like the idea, but I really like having the children be responsible for taking things out etc.

  2. My para checks the binders every morning. The children are responsible for taking it out of their book bag and placing the book on the shelf, but everything else my para does - I like for the children to be responsible too, but in order for things(money especially) not to get lost, I do not like for them to take anything out. It works well for me in kindergarten.

  3. I have used STAR binders with my second and third grade classes for years now. I am changing up my theme to polka dots this year, and your Dot book pages are going to work perfect! Thank you so much for sharing!

    I make time every morning after taking attendance to check binders for lunch money, important notes from parents, and homework. I do this while the kids are working on morning meeting activities. Later in the day I fill out the behavior charts in the binder and I have the students place any homework or papers in their binders. I have a homework folder and a folder for papers that can stay at home. For me the responsibility part for the kids comes with taking the binder home and returning it every single day!

  4. Thanks for sharing your printables and ideas. I may try to do something like this this year. Love your blog! I am doing a polka dot themed classroom this year, too. :)

  5. In my PreK class we have TIGER (Today I've Got Everything Ready) binders. I've done them for 5 years now. My breakfast mom is responsible for removing any money that may be in the binder, and during their rest time, I got through and remove notes to me or whatever else that I need. I, like you, love the organization of it. It keeps me, my students, and my parents organized.


  6. Hi! I love your D.O.T notebook. I am going to try this school year. I really want to use your 2 documents that explain the notebook. However, when I view it in google doc I can't make some changes. Are we not allowed to remove some wording to fit our needs? Or am I not doing something right? Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  7. Amber- I think you are going to have to download the doc onto your computer from google docs and then you should be able to edit it in Word. :)

  8. That sounds really cool but I was just you ever had kids that lose it? If they do, do you just replace it or ask the parent to? It sounds REALLY cool but I don't have a para and my first three years of teaching, I wasn't very good at getting volunteers into the room. Hopefully I can get better at this! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love this! I think it could even work for 5th graders!!!

  10. Is there a post that shows your behavior sheet for the month? This is my 4th year teaching K and in the past I've done weekly sheets. I'd be interested to see your monthly one!

  11. Would you be able to send me a few pics of the inside of the binder?? I LOVE it and I'm thinking of using this next year! Thank u!

  12. Hi! I love your D.O.T. binder and am planning on using it this year in my kinder class. I was wondering what the name of the font you used is. If you could please let me know, i'd greatly appreciate it :D Thank you!


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