Friday, February 10, 2012


"LOOK Mrs. Nichols!!! Look!!! Look!!!!" 
This is all I hear from my kids today as we are lining up after recess!!! I always get a little scared when they all start screaming something!! LOL Well I look to where they were pointing too and I just got the biggest smile on my face when I see this....
And then I hear "It's an X Mrs. Nichols!  An X!!!" YEAH!!!!! It's these moments where you stop and remember why you jump through all the hoops and stay up late laminating, cutting and planning!! The sugar on top was the fact that they also started making the X sound!!  Woohoo!! Score one for the teacher!!!  I also had another woo hoo moment this week!!! A little busy body met with our EIP teacher today and when she came back to group she was so excited to share something with me!! She had a Scott Foresman tear- out reader in her hand and was just chomping at the bit to read to me!  It's these moments too, that you have to stop and make time for, because these precious moments don't come around every day - I knew it was gonna delay our next group, but some things are just more important!! As she read to me, all I could remember was the little girl who came to me knowing  little to none of her letter sounds and could hardly speak English!!! Hearing her read was just one of those glimmers that you don't get to hear or see everyday and makes it aaaaaaaaaLLLLLL  worth it!!!!! 
Have a great weekend!! 


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