Sunday, March 18, 2012

Roll, Slide or Both???

The Leprechaun comes tomorrow!  The Leprechaun comes tomorrow!!!  I can hardly wait to see their little faces when they come in and see all their traps destroyed and glitter and gold coins everywhere!  It will be a fun and exciting day for sure!! 

This past week we started talking about how things move.  I began this unit by having the children predict in their science journals about how they think various objects could or would move.  The next day we actually explored how each of the objects actually moved.  This led to one of those out of the blue teaching moments...out come the red and blue foldable circles and into a Venn Diagram they go!! LOL
We began to sort object based on whether they rolled or slid or did both.  Then I called on volunteers to find other objects in the classroom and had them to place them in the correct spot.  They seemed to really enjoy doing this and were very sad when I had to stop them.  Here is a picture of our Venn Diagram.  :)
  The next day I had them recreate the diagram with a partner.  I hope you may be able to use this in your class.  :)  


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