Sunday, August 26, 2012

Can't live without them...

Have you ever had something one year and then didn't for a little bit the next year and thought "I can't live without that!!!!" ? That is exactly how I feel about my Carpet Bags!!! I LOVE THEM and wonder how I did without them for so long????? Kim Adsit introduced me to these gems in a blog post she did last year. You can find that post here:
I'm posting from my phone so I hope that link works - copy and paste if it won't let you click. ;)

I hemmed and hawed about them for a few months but finally decided to jump on board and haven't looked back since. Last year I found my bags in the Target Dollar Spot and they were great!!! But by the end of the year they were falling apart and I knew they were not going to last another year - so I let the kids take them home and decided I would find new ones this summer. Well, summer started and then it ended and I never got around to finding new ones so when school started I did not have them and it has been horrible!!!!!!! ;( We are now about to start our 3rd week of school and I am happy to say that I have finally found what might be the perfect bag. ;)

My friend and coworker Anne actually found them at my favorite store - Hobby Lobby!!!! They are the right size and they are made of canvas so hopefully they will last more then one year. They were 30% off also which made them even better!!!! My bags last year were made of vinyl/ plastic so I could cut numbers out of my self adhesive vinyl and slap them on and we were good to go. Since my new bags are canvas, numbering these suckers posed a problem. I didn't want to wait or pay for them to be embroidered and my vinyl numbers were not going to stick so I did what I do best..... I snooped around Hobby Lobby while I was there and found some ADORABLE iron on numbers!! Problem solved!!!!

So this afternoon when I got home from church I put my iron to work!!!! ;)
How cute are these?????????

I hope they hold up as long as I think they will!!!!!!

Thanks Kim!!!!!!

Is there something you have found that you can't live without???

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  1. I am going to figure out a way to incorporate this into my room. Thanks for the info!

  2. The bags turned out great! The canvas should last more than a year. I had some canvas bags that lasted for a few years. I'm going to check out the post about the how the bags are used.

  3. I absolutely love these. I am so going to use them next year!!!!

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