Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kindergarten Beginning Rubrics - FREE

YAY!!!!!!!  It is clean...well almost!!  
I just can't get away from having at least one pile, but I figured one small pile is better than one great big one right???  I really enjoyed reading all of your comments about my desk and love that I am not the only one whose desk looks like that sometimes!!  
The last few weeks have been busy for us.  One of the things I have introduced within the last few weeks is the RUBRIC!!  That can be a scary word for a kindergartener and an even scarier word for their teacher!!  Explaining what a rubric is and why we use it can sometimes be confusing at first for the children but once they see it and start using it they start to see how helpful they can be!  After I introduce them to a rubric initially, and they get used to seeing and using one, we begin making them together before they begin the activity!  Here are  a couple pre-made rubrics we have used in the last few weeks.

We used this rubric when we did Deanna Jump's Apple Poem Activity.

I used this activity mainly as a following directions activity... (I know you can imagine what some of them looked like at the end... :) ) So that was the focus of this rubric.  You can download it HERE.

This is the rubric I used for our Pete the Cat Project.  I think they turned out really cute!  I didn't do a lot with Pete but definitely plan on using it more next year.  My kiddo's LOVED him and begged to read it everyday!!

This rubric we did one step at a time and it was really neat to watch them consider whether or not they accomplished each task. :) You can find it HERE

Ok- on a different note, this week(a short week for us --- We are on Fall Break now!!  YIPPEE!!!) we finished up making our Apple Pie Graph, thanks to Kim Adsit and it was absolutely adorable!!  It has scalloped edges just like the edges of a pie!!  So cute Kim!!  I for some reason did not snap a picture. :(  My kiddos were not ready to complete the data analysis sheet she included in her Unit so I made one that my kiddos and I did together.

You can find the Apple Pie Graph HERE!

They completed their analysis while I completed mine on our Smart Board.  Wait - you can see just a smidge of our "Pie" in that first picture!! :)  You can also see a smidge of our new carpet bags in use in the second picture!  A big thank you to Kim again, for the fantastic idea!  I don't know who loves them or the kids!  We get so much more done when they have their supplies right there and ready to use!!  They are also doing a great job of not touching or playing with them during our instruction time when we are not using them!! ;)  Losing their carpet bag is not something they want!!

Phew...this post seems to keep going and going and going...I actually started it this morning and it is 9:00pm and I am still not finished with it!!  Plus, Grey's is about to start... :) Must...Finish....Fast!! :)  I will make this last part quick - it is just a few snapshots of our fun sink or float activity!  I used our AIMS Web activity book our county supplies us with for the response sheet. (It was actually cute!!)
First we made our predictions...

Then we performed our experiment...

and marked what each object actually did in the water.  We were able to compare our findings to our  predictions

Finally, we recorded our findings in our Science Journal.

Time for Grey's!! :)


  1. I LOVE the apple pie graph and pie graph visual. Can you please post it on your blog? THANK YOU

  2. Ahh!! I actually meant to post it!!! I will do it tonight!! :)

  3. Apple Pie Graph Data Analysis posted!! :)

  4. Awesome ideas, Ashley!! Love your rubrics!! I just did a writing rubric with my kids and they loved it!

  5. Hello! I am conducting a sink/float activity on Friday. Would it be possible to get a copy of your sink/float template? It's just perfect!!!

  6. I love your rubrics! Thank you for sharing! I just created my own Float or Sink Lesson to use in my Student Teaching and I needed to make a rubric for my Science Methods class. This was a great example! Thanks!

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