Monday, October 17, 2011

Scarecrow Fun

I am so excited about this week!!!  
I had something totally different planned, but I came across an inspiration...

and POOF, plans started changing!!

I don't know how I missed this when Deanna Jump first posted this but O M G!!! How adorable is this scarecrow??????  This made me start thinking about all my other cute fall/halloween stuff that I have spent half my paycheck on this month - please tell me you can relate!!!!!  :)  

I had already prepared this:
from Mrs. Kim Adsit and her Fall Literacy Game Pack and I had planned on using it last week but just never got to it. So, Sunday evening around 7ish I made the connection between the 2 - SCARECROWS!!  I know - I'm a little slow! LOL!!!  This connection led me to a big hunt through all the rest of my fall stuff I had acquired over the past few weeks.  I found a few things, but I made a few things too!!  You know what that means for you????  FREEBIES!!  Yippeeeeee!!!!  Here they are!

Click HERE to download!

I made these to go along with Kim's Alphabet Scarecrow Roll Say Keep game I showed above. I have been trying to find a way to introduce stamps to my babies and thought this would be a perfect way.  Depending on the level I have in my group, they can stamp the matching letter the member of our group rolled, or they can stamp the opposite (capital or lowercase) letter that was rolled by a group member.  I can also put this in a center next week and they "should" be able to do this independently!!

Click HERE to download!

I made this color coded patterning activity for a math tub!  You should know the drill by now - Run the scarecrow on 6 different colors.  Cut and glue the pattern starters to the back of each scarecrow.  Laminate and you are good to go!!  I had a spider one, and a bat one like this but of course I didn't have a Scarecrow one - sooooo I made one!! :) 

We are doing some of the fantastic activities Deanna has in her 
Scarecrow Math and Literacy Fun packet and I will share some pics as we go!!  We are also doing some great activities from my other amazing fellow bloggers!  I can't wait to share!!!   I hope you all have a great week.  I had a short week last week and this week due to Fall Break for the kiddos - and staff development for us. 


  1. This is GREAT! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Am I behind on the Roll, Say, Keep game? Please explain....I am confused! :-/ ha!

    Love the freebies....thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks so much for the freebies. AND YES, I can relate to being so behind on what I want to do. I plan on doing some scarecrow stuff next week, so thanks for the great ideas!!

  4. Thank you for sharing, you've inspired me! Not all my kids can celebrate Halloween so I like the scarecrow instead of "Halloween" stuff!

  5. I L~O~V~E your blog! This week I am on Fall Break and today planned to spend the entire day with my printer at work! Thanks for all the freebies! Lady, you RoCk!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  6. Thank you for sharing! I love your freebies, and always download them. Can't wait to use these in my classroom!

  7. You are too sweet! I'm so glad you like my Scarecrow unit. I can't wait to see your pictures! :)

  8. Awesome! I just love your ideas. Thank you for being soooooo generous.


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