Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy!!! :)

So some of you may have noticed the new button at the bottom of this blog... it is my other obsession... Polka Dots(I know... big surprise!! :) ) and Personalizing EVERYTHING!!!! Who doesn't like a few colorful dots and your name on anything you can put it on right???? I create a lot of my products with teachers in mind!!  :)  Well, it was a little hobby that has turned into a big business and I LOVE it!  A fellow blogger, Kristen Walsky at First Grade Teaching found my Porter's Polka Dots Boutique and she so sweetly asked if we could do a giveaway on her site.    If you haven't already, head on over to her BLOG and enter to win the giveaway!!  It's super easy!!!  Thanks Kristen!!!  
Oh and follower too if you haven't already!  She has some fantastic teaching ideas!!  

Now, on to other things - like what has been going on in our polka dot classroom this week.  Well, we have been playing catch up! We had sooo many fun things to do before we got our for Christmas that we didn't get it all what do you do???  You turn Christmas Reindeer activities into Winter Reindeer activities!! :)  Just go with me on this...the kiddos did!!  :)  They had a blast!!  I used Deanna Jump's Reindeer Unit and did a little adaptation!! :)

 The kids had a great time rereading Deanna's Reindeer Book and looking at real reindeer on the internet.  Completing these All About Reindeer books was quite a task but after the first couple of pages they caught on and were able to put the words in order by using the sentence rules we have been talking about.... and talking about... and talking about!  :)  Sometimes I feel like a tape recorder... :)  My favorite part was seeing how good their reindeer drawings were.  Some of them were really cute!!

So I turned the glyph (minus the lights and ornaments on the antlers)  into just a cute art project to accompany the cute books!  

Busy Busy Busy!  I love to see this!  :)


We also did our own reports about reindeer and I will post those at the beginning of next week... if we don't have a snow day.  Expecting a lot of snow in Atlanta on Sunday night.  Secretly wishing for one... or two... :)

Have a good weekend!


  1. Aww the reindeer are sooo cute :) Of course the kids would go with you on it, they'd be happy to continue the Christmas season- and so would I!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE your goodies! Too cute!!
    kathleen @

  3. I love your goodies. I hope you don't mind I'm going to post about Porters Pokadots on my blog.

    Ms. M

  4. Mrs. M - Of course I don't mind!!!! I would love it!! :) Thank you!!!


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