Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snowmen at Night

This is one of my all time favorite books!!  We have read it everyday this week!!  Today we brainstormed what else snowmen could do at night.  They alway surprise me at how creative they can be!!

Remember those super cute snowmen the children made on Tuesday???   Well, they used them today to write and illustrate what their snowman would do at night!  I used the writing prompt from Deanna Jumps Snowman Unit.  Again, it is amazing what they can do when they are given a little creative freedom!!

IMG_0233.jpgMy snowman eats pizza at night.

IMG_0234.jpgMy snowman colors the color books at night.

IMG_0235.jpgMy snowman makes snow angels at night.

IMG_0236.jpgMy snowman jumps rope at night.

IMG_0237.jpgMy snowman plays hopscotch at night.

IMG_0239.jpgMy snowman throws snowballs at night.

(Recognize that snowman?? )  :)


This week we have also worked on a How to Build a Snowman Book.  This idea came from Deanna Jumps Snowman Unit but I tweaked it just a little to differentiate it for my students and also created a rubric for the different levels.  I will try and post it tomorrow.

Night to all - TGIF...almost!! :)

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