Thursday, January 6, 2011


...out some new games!!  I found some really neat ones over the break and yesterday we gave a couple of them a test drive.  The first one was the Valentine Number/Number Word game I made.  We did it whole group and they had a great time matching the correct hearts together. 

We also tried out a Hot Chocolate/Marshmallows themed missing number game focused on the teen numbers.  A fellow blogger, Kathleen Pedersen made it.  You can find it HERE on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Check out her blog Growing Kinders too!! She has some GREAT ideas - for parents and teachers!! 
Yesterday I introduced the game on my Smart Board.  They love getting up there and using the pen. Sometimes I think they know more about using that thing than I do!!

Today I let them play the game with a partner and I think they were pretty successful!!  I had one little boy come up to me today and said "Can I do this tomorrow?  This is fun!!"  That's what makes it all worth it!!  :)



  1. Yay! So glad they loved it! My kiddos love playing this game!

  2. It's amazing how much better they get at it every time they play!!

  3. I LOVE that you introduced the game on the smartboard. What a great idea!! My kids had the same reaction when I introduced one of the games I found on first grade parade. "How did you know we would love this?!" So cute :)


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