Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A little Vowel Sound Sorting

Today I brought out the Flower Power Vowel Sort again for some extra practice.  My kids are really good at telling me ALL the sounds in a word, but when it come to isolating a specific sound, this is not so easy for them - so I thought a little practice on hearing the middle sound would be great!!  I used this in my small groups this week and it has worked out great!  Since we have done this before, they were familiar with how to play.




PhotoHere are the leaf pieces - I printed them on the back of some scrapbook paper/cardstock so they would have a cute design on the back.  :)

I literally opened the bag, laid out the materials and they took off.  This left me with some time so do some much needed conferencing!! :) I conferenced with one or two students and when I returned to the group to check on them they were ready for the response piece for this activity.  We did not complete the response sheet the first time I introduced this activity, so this was new for them.

PhotoSorry for the bad picture... :)  I had my main lights off and just had lamp light in the room - I do this alot... it's a wonder my eyes aren't worse then they already are!! :)

I did this response sheet a few different ways to differentiate for my groups.  For my highest group, I told them that I wanted 4 words in each box and that they could use 1 of my pictures they sorted - the rest they had to come up with on their own - and then I had them pick a word from each box and use it in a sentence.  For my middle group, I gave them basically the same directions except they could use 2 of my words and they had to come up with 2 of their own (no sentences).  And for my lowest group - I only required 2 PICTURES in each box - one could be mine but 1 had to be their own - this was a little difficult for some, but others surprised me!! :)

I sometimes forget to go back and revisit some of the activities we have done in the past.  When I do bring something old back out, it is amazing to see how excited they get.  It is also fun to see their confidence go up and to see them be successful!!


  1. I love this activity. I am glad you posted it again. Thanks for sharing.

    Ms. M
    Ms.M's Blog
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  2. What a great activity to create. My kids need the same kind of practice. Nobody has more scrapbooking paper than me so now you have just convinced me that I should use it to make adorable centers. I'm on it!
    The dots rock!

  3. Are you charging for all of your printouts now?

  4. Nope...Not all! Check out my latest post. :)


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