Monday, April 11, 2011

Teaching Blog Addict

It has been a very long week!!!!!!!!  Yes, it was Spring Break but do you know how hard it is to be home all week with NO internet access????  Yep, NONE!!  Ugh!  It is horrible!  I am having a love hate relationship with AT&T at this moment...leaning more towards hate at this moment!!!  I still don't have internet and I am currently hijacking my neighbors internet! SHHHHH.... don't tell them!! :)   I just couldn't stand it any longer.  Gosh... what did we do before we had the internet??????????  :)  
Anyway, while I have been disconnected, a wonderful new blog has popped up that I am so excited to be a part of!!!!!

This is a wonderful resource right at our fingertips!  I have already gotten "lost" a few time today!! :)  Happy reading!!!


  1. Ooo, I am glad to have you at TBA. I love your work. :)

    Ms. M

  2. I won't tell your neighbors. :o) I would do the same. ~Tamara


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