Sunday, April 17, 2011

That's Nonsense!!! :)

This week we are starting our insect unit!  The kiddo's always love learning about these little creatures and little do they know that they will have live ladybugs to watch!!  I was hoping they would have come last week but ther is still no sign of them....sigh...  Maybe they will come tomorrow. :)

I will be practicing Nonsense Word Fluency this week in preparation for our last Dibels Benchmark.  Here is the activity I will be using.  


Click HERE to get your own copy!!

Don't get SQUISHED!!! :)


  1. Love it thanks!

  2. Thanks for this. My Kinder Kids need some more NWF practice before our year is over.

    Ms. M
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  3. Thanks for the great game ~ going to use it tomorrow!! :o)


  4. I can't wait to use this next week! My kinders have the DIBELS coming up in a few weeks; this will be great practice! I have a game very similar to this called "Oh No!" that my kinders play using sight words, and they LOVE it! Thanks for the share!

    Hangin' with Mrs. Cooper

  5. Ashley ~ Just wanted to let you know we played this today and my three little boys in my group had a BLAST! They were rollin on the floor laughing when someone drew a SQUISH card! It's a HIT! Thanks again for the share!! :o)


  6. Thanks for posting this. This will help will help give my struggling readers some more NWF practice before next week's benchmark testing.

  7. Cindy - so glad they enjoyed it. My boys did the same thing. The littlest things tickle them!! :)

    This has really helped some of my struggling readers this week - the hardest thing for them right now is discriminating between short e and i.

  8. Ashley,
    I shared Squish with my students this week. What a great way to motivate my struggling readers! Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Hi!

      Love the game! My one suggestion would be to change the font to one that is easier for them to read.


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